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Podium Klassiek Podcast - Pascale van Os and Rolf Verbeek

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In front of the orchestra is the conductor. The conductor decides how the orchestra should play. Louder, softer, faster, slower, more brass, fewer violins, etcetera. But invisible to the audience, there is usually an assistant conductor in the game as well. So what does such an assistant conductor do? Is the assistant a personal helper who runs for the conductor when needed, or does he or she sometimes literally take over?



Final excerpt from the first movement of Bruckner's 6th symphony, live at Podium Klassiek.


...Verbeek knows "his" Bruckner, unmistakably: an excellent performance - obviously within the given chamber musical context - and a recording that rings like a bell.


Here is top-quality, highly enjoyable chamber-scale Bruckner for people drawn, say, to the arrangements commissioned by the Viennese "Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen" a century ago....

Rolf Verbeek

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